Best Crypto To Buy Now In July 2024: Expert Picks & High-Potential Alternatives
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Best Crypto To Buy Now In July 2024: Expert Picks & High-Potential Alternatives



  • Pepe Unchained is the top crypto pick for July 2024, offering high staking rewards and low gas fees.

  • Techopedia Crypto conducts thorough research and analysis on each cryptocurrency, ensuring factual accuracy and impartiality.

  • Established cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum remain strong options for long-term investors.

  • Promising newcomers like PlayDoge, WienerAI, and 99Bitcoins offer high-potential alternatives to established coins.

  • Investing in cryptocurrency comes with both potential for large gains and risks, including volatility and scams.

The Best Crypto To Buy Now: A Comprehensive Guide

The cryptocurrency market is booming, leaving many investors wondering which coins to invest in. This comprehensive guide, updated daily, explores top cryptocurrencies for July 2024, including established names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and promising newcomers like PlayDoge, WienerAI, and 99Bitcoins.

Why Trust Techopedia Crypto?

Techopedia Crypto adheres to strict editorial policies, ensuring factual accuracy, relevance, and impartiality. Our team of in-house experts conducts thorough research on each cryptocurrency, analyzing market potential, liquidity, trading volume, price history, use cases, and long-term viability.

Top Cryptos To Buy Now

| Token Name | Market Cap | Current Price | Best Crypto for: | |---|---|---|---| | Bitcoin (BTC) | $1,11T | $56,358 | Long-Term Investors | | Ethereum (ETH) | $358M | $2,981 | Cryptocurrency Alternative to Bitcoin | | Solana (SOL) | $63M | $137 | Fast and Cheap Transactions | | Ripple (XRP) | $23M | $0.43 | Making Payments | | Cardano (ADA) | $13M | $0.36 | Scalability | | Tether (USDT) | $112M | $1 | Stable Value |

💡 All information in the table above is updated daily to provide the most accurate and current data.

High-Potential Alternatives to Bitcoin

This section delves into six of the most established cryptocurrencies, providing a comprehensive understanding of their origins, key features, and investment potential.

1. Bitcoin (BTC) – The Original and the Most Popular Cryptocurrency in the World

  • Main Features: Store of value, popularity, trading

Created in 2009 by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and has become a household name. Its value is projected to continue rising, especially after the halving event in 2028.

2. Ethereum (ETH) – The Most Popular Platform to Create Web3 dApps

  • Main Features: dApps, smart contracts, staking

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world and has many more use cases than Bitcoin, including the creation of web3 products such as dApps, NFTs, and DeFi services.

3. Solana (SOL) – A Faster, Cheaper, and More Secure Ecosystem

  • Main Features: dApps, staking

Solana is an ultra-fast blockchain and for some, the next Ethereum. It offers higher transaction speeds and lower fees than Ethereum.

4. Ripple (XRP) – The Top 10 Crypto That Aims To Replace The SWIFT System

  • Main Features: Lightning-fast international payments, low token price

Ripple is a global payments network that aims to replace or facilitate the SWIFT banking system. Its blockchain allows for fast and efficient international payments.

5. Cardano (ADA) – More Efficient Alternative to Ethereum That Might Explode in Value

  • Main Features: Increased security, anonymity

Cardano is a cryptocurrency project that aims to compete with Ethereum and Solana in the smart contract market. It is known for its high levels of anonymity and security.

6. Tether – The Most Popular And Most Used Stablecoin

  • Main Features: Stablecoin, suitable for frequent trading

Tether is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar, meaning its price is always $1. It is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies and is useful for everyday transactions.

Top 13 High-Potential Cryptocurrencies of July, 2024

| Token Name | Current Price | Top Crypto for: | |---|---|---| | Pepe Unchained (PEPU) | $0.0083258 | Low Fees and Fast Transactions | | WienerAI (WAI) | $0.000726 | Trading Predictions | | PlayDoge (PLAY) | $0.00516 | Utility and Rewards | | Shiba Shootout (SHIBASHOOT) | $0.0195 | Fans of the Wild West | | Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) | $0.00581 | Airdrop Rewards | | Mega Dice Token (DICE) | $0.0866 | Profit-Sharing Opportunities | | 99Bitcoins (99BTC) | $0.00112 | Earn Crypto While Learning | | Sponge V2 (SPONGE) | $0.000091 | Original Sponge Fans | | eTukTuk (TUK) | $0.0345 | Play2Earn Game Utility | | Doge2014 (DOGE2014) | $0.00027 | Dogecoin Fans | | SpacePay (SPY) | $0.00162 | Revolutionary Payment Transactions | | Race to a Billion (BDJ) | $0.0076 | F1 Racing and Passive Earning | | Choc (CHOC) | N/A | Massive Follower Base |

Analysis of the 5 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies of 2024

1. Pepe Unchained (PEPU) – The Best Crypto Coin of 2024 with Low Fees and Fast Transactions

  • Main Features: Layer-two meme token, dynamic staking rewards, lower fees

Pepe Unchained is one of the first meme coins to embrace the layer-two (L2) Ethereum blockchain network. It offers benefits such as reduced operational costs and increased efficiency, allowing for huge staking rewards.

2. WienerAI ($WAI) – The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy For Trading Predictions

  • Main Features: AI powered trading, zero fees, seamless transactions, staking rewards, strong “Sausage Army” community

WienerAI combines AI technology with trading to provide predictive, real-time market analysis with zero fees. It also has a standard staking mechanic to encourage long-term holding.

3. PlayDoge (PLAY) – Best Crypto to Invest in Now with Utility and Rewards

  • Main Features: play-to-earn Tamagotchi-style mobile game, generous staking APY, rewards for players enjoying the game, in-game and real-life utility

PlayDoge is a play-to-earn game where players care for a virtual Doge while earning $PLAY tokens in return. It combines the beloved Doge meme with a play2earn model.

4. Mega Dice (DICE) – The Best Crypto to Buy in 2024 With Profit Sharing Opportunities

  • Main Features: daily staking rewards, special NFTs, early purchase bonuses, 25% revenue referral share

MegaDice is a gamefi crypto platform that offers rewards and casino profit shares to both players and token holders.

5. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Best Learn-to-Earn Crypto to Buy

  • Main Features: learn-to-earn crypto platform, staking rewards, access to exclusive content, an airdrop

99Bitcoins is a crypto-learning platform that rewards users with 99BTC tokens for completing educational modules on cryptocurrency.

Investing in Cryptocurrency: Risks and Rewards

Potential for Large Gains: Cryptocurrencies have the potential to generate large gains, but they are also a volatile asset class.

Lower Prices During the Current Bear Market: The current bull market means that those buying cryptocurrencies today will enter the market at a higher price point. New and presale coins can offer potential for high returns.

Some Cryptocurrencies Are Decentralized: Some cryptocurrencies have decentralized frameworks, which means that nobody controls the network. This can provide greater financial autonomy and security.

Cryptocurrencies Are Volatile: The cryptocurrency market can witness huge price swings.

Some Cryptocurrencies Are Scams: Be aware of scams and always do your own due diligence before investing.

Third-Party Risks: Consider third-party risks such as hacking attempts and exchange collapses.

How to Pick the Best Crypto to Invest In

When picking the best cryptocurrency to invest in, consider these factors:

  • Market Potential: Look for cryptocurrencies that have a strong market and growth potential.
  • Use Cases and Utility: Projects that have practical use in the real world are often more likely to succeed.
  • Security: Always look into a coin’s history to see if there have ever been any security breaches.
  • Technological Innovation: Cutting-edge technology and striving for continuous innovation can provide a competitive edge.
  • Development Team: Research the development team behind the cryptocurrency.

Best Payment Methods to Buy Crypto

  • Credit Card: Convenient and quick
  • PayPal: Convenient and quick
  • Prepaid Card: Provides an added layer of security

How to Invest in Crypto - Step By Step Process

  1. Open a crypto trading account with a regulated crypto broker or exchange.
  2. Complete KYC requirements to unlock bank transfers.
  3. Deposit funds into your account via several payment methods.
  4. Search for cryptos via the search tab.
  5. Tap the Trade button and specify how much of the particular crypto you’d like to buy.


The challenge of identifying the best crypto to buy now is harder than ever because of the sheer number of cryptocurrencies available. We did our best to list the most well-known and reputable coins, as well as some novel projects that have just started. Remember to diversify your cryptocurrency investments and invest a small percentage of your funds into smaller projects as well.

All in all, the top crypto to buy today is Pepe Unchained. This Layer2 crypto offers high staking rewards and low gas fees.