Bitcoin Miners Go AI-Powered: How This Could Drive Their Shares Higher
Marketwatch4 days ago

Bitcoin Miners Go AI-Powered: How This Could Drive Their Shares Higher



  • Bitcoin miners are increasingly investing in AI, leveraging their existing data centers for high-performance computing needs.

  • This shift is driven by the rising demand for AI infrastructure, requiring massive power and data center capacity.

  • Shares of bitcoin miners involved in AI have seen significant gains, outperforming those not focused on AI.

  • The crypto M&A market is thriving, with a record $2.7 billion in deals in the second quarter of 2023.

  • A favorable regulatory environment is encouraging established companies to invest in and acquire crypto businesses.

Bitcoin Miners Embrace AI: A New Trend Fueling Share Growth

Despite bitcoin's recent dip, shares of bitcoin miners embracing artificial intelligence (AI) have been performing remarkably well.

Why is AI the New Hot Topic for Bitcoin Miners?

  • Repurposing Data Centers: Bitcoin miners are utilizing their existing data centers, which are power-intensive, for high-performance computing (HPC) applications crucial for AI. This allows them to capitalize on the surging demand for AI infrastructure.
  • Power and Data Center Needs: AI requires massive amounts of power and data center capacity. Miners, with their existing infrastructure, are well-positioned to meet these demands.

Notable Examples:

  • Core Scientific: This bitcoin mining firm, recently emerged from bankruptcy, is offering its infrastructure to AI hyperscaler CoreWeave.
  • TeraWulf: This miner is expanding into AI and developing a high-performance computing project in New York.
  • Hut 8: This company received a $150 million investment to build AI infrastructure.

Positive Performance:

  • Hut 8: Shares surged 44% over the past 30 days.
  • TeraWulf: Stock climbed 32% in the same period.
  • CoreScientific: Shares gained 1.5% over the past 30 days.


  • Riot Platforms: A major bitcoin miner not yet involved in AI saw a 14% decline in its shares over the past 30 days.

The Crypto M&A Boom

The second quarter of 2023 saw a record high of $2.7 billion in crypto mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals. Robinhood's acquisition of Bitstamp exemplifies a trend of established companies acquiring crypto businesses.

Driving Factors:

  • Favorable Regulatory Environment: The U.S. regulatory landscape is becoming more supportive of the crypto industry, making it easier for traditional companies to invest in blockchain technology.

Future Outlook:

We are likely to witness a surge in non-crypto companies acquiring crypto businesses in the coming months.

Key Takeaways

  • AI is becoming a crucial driver for bitcoin miners, offering them a new revenue stream and driving their share prices higher.
  • The crypto M&A market is experiencing a surge, fueled by a favorable regulatory environment.